You need this club mashup of Disney movies in your life

Ever wish that Disney songs had more of a beat to them? You know, a beat you can drop? If you’ve been in the market for something just like that, you’ve got to check out this Disney movie mash-up featuring some of our favorites with a little extra kick.

Prepare to have “99 Princess Problems” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Instead of just taking Disney songs, YouTube user sWooZie06 (who has a lot of great Disney videos, FYI) pulled songs and dialogue from the movies, and mashed them all together. With a little help of some auto-tuned loops on repeat, he’s created a pretty catchy song. And even better, for a good part of it, the Disney Princesses take center stage.

And if you like your Disney remixes with a challenge, sWooZie06 has actually hidden 16 different little Mickey Mouses in the video. Can you find them all? You’ll have time to, listening to this on repeat all day, that is.

(Image via Disney)

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