Disney star Christy Carlson Romano (aka Kim Possible!) just fought the idea that new moms must “bounce back” after birth

She once played a badass superhero on Disney’s Kim Possible and Christy Carlson Romano, a new mom, just proved she’s a hero IRL, too! Romano shared a photo on Instagram of her tummy two months postpartum today, and shut down the idea that moms should — or even can! — “bounce back” immediately after giving birth.

In the candid photo, Romano wears a bra and pants, and shows a belly that still looks like it — gasp! — recently contained another human being. In her caption, Romano wrote,

"It's so important for people to see motherhood for the beauty of what it really is. It's a massive thing to carry a human inside you! It's not that easy to 'bounce back' right away and it shouldn't be expected."

Romano gave birth to her first child, daughter Isabella Victoria Rooney, on December 24th. In an interview with People, she said, “Isabella is the greatest thing to ever happen to us and we are truly grateful to all those who have supported us during this special and momentous time.”

In an earlier blog post for People, during the second trimester of her pregnancy, she acknowledged how challenged she felt by the changes her body was experiencing.

"I am the heaviest I have ever been. My doctor just asked me if I am active because I have gained 20 pounds in my second trimester," she wrote. "Even when I am working from home, the mind reels at comparing itself to others either more active, more photogenic or more organized/capable."