The one thing you probably didn’t notice about Disney dudes’ chests

Now it’s not just #FreeTheNipple that has us talking about nipples, but also #WHEREIsTheNipple after Buzzfeed made this discovery about Aladdin, Prince of Thieves and also our collective hearts. Author Mathew Guiver noticed that the one thing you never see throughout the 91 minute Disney classic are Aladdin’s nipples. Because he doesn’t have any. It’s just skin and no nipples and now we feel weird and may never watch Aladdin the same way ever again.

Guiver makes points to show that Aladdin is the only character next to his Disney contemporaries who doesn’t have this particular anatomy, but actually, Disney has somewhat of a reputation when it comes to omitting this contentious body part. I mean, just take a look at these similarly nipple-less characters:

Pawprints don’t count as nipples, Kocou (via Pocahontas)

Illustrators made sure to add chest hair, but nipples were still out of the question for Phil in Hercules.

Speaking of chest hair, there’s still not enough here to cover up the fact that Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston doesn’t have any nipples either.

The Jungle Book‘s Mowgli may be a kid in this photo, but nipples are for life, so where are they??

What gives, Disney? For people who illustrate the most complex and beautiful images out there, it’s hard to believe that they would think that nipples were too much work. Why do some characters get them and not others? Who is the nipple overlord who makes these important decisions? More importantly, why don’t the characters notice that they’re missing a pretty memorable body part?

You might never see Disney movies the same way again, but at least we’ve given you an excuse to binge watch them all tonight.

(Images via dean bertoncelj / and Disney)

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