15 times Disney characters summed up being single AF

♫Someday my prince will come…orrrrr maybe not.♫

1. When you try Tinder for the first time… 

2. …but then you get your first message on Tinder.

3. When your mom asks, “are you seeing anyone yet?” for the 100th time this month.

4. When your friends say they want to set you up on a blind date with “this guy who’s friends with my boyfriend’s friend.”

5. Or, even better, when your mom says she wants to set you up with her “neighbor’s friend’s kid.”

6. When someone asks, “why are you still single?”

7. When your last single friend’s Facebook status changes to “in a relationship.”

8.When it’s New Year’s Eve and you have no one to kiss.

9. And then it’s suddenly Valentine’s Day and you find yourself at home, alone, binge-watching Netflix. 

10. When you get invited to a dinner that is literally all couples (but you), and you have to sit through hours of couple-related stories.

11. When two of your friends start dating and you inevitably turn into the third wheel. 

12. When it’s Monday and your coworkers are talking about the ~crazy~ adventures they and their S.O. had this weekend, meanwhile all you did was eat pizza and watch Friends for nine hours. 

13. When there’s a spider in your home and no one there to help you kill it. 

14. When you cook dinner and realize recipes aren’t made for solo eaters, so you now have tons of leftovers that will probably go to waste.

15. And finally, when it’s bedtime and you get to have the bed all to yourself, which you realize is actually one of the greatest things in the world.

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