Here’s what happens when Disney characters invade ‘Star Wars’

Forget Disney princess re-imaginings, and forget Star Wars speculation about the brand new Force Awakens (opening in 73 days). Forget all of that, and check out the most glorious fan-made Star Wars trailer filled with all our favorite Disney characters. Belle hasn’t been reimagined as new character, Rey. She is Rey, and Rey is Belle, and this is the BEST.

Coming to us from PistolShrimps, the video is called “Star WarsWhere Dreams Come True.” They’ve taken the two trailers for Force Awakens and actually removed a lot of the Star Wars stuff. Instead, we’ve got loads and loads of Disney characters flying X-Wings, Peter Pan with a lightsaber, and a whole fleet of hyenas ready to fight. There is literally TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF in this to process on the first viewing. Like, the fact that Captain Hook has a three-pronged lighstaber, with hooks!

Or Aladdin and Jasmine flying by a downed X-Wing on a magic carpet, all while being chased by a TIE fighter on Jakku/Agrabah!

And, don’t forget Belle and BB8.

We’ve certainly seen Disney characters dress up as Star Wars characters before, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. This is all our faves — from Aladdin, to Hercules, Mufasa, and even Olaf who is maybe a Jedi — actually joining the Star Wars universe. Best Star Wars/Disney mashup, or BEST STAR WARS/DISNEY MASHUP?? You decide. Check out the amazing video below!

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