If Disney characters were on Instagram, here’s what it’d look like

If you’ve ever wished you could follow your favorite cartoons on social media (because why wouldn’t you), Italian artist Simona Bonafini is here to help! In her super-fun series “Selfie Fables,” Bonafini imagines and creates Instagram snapshots of all your Disney favorites, and they are totally spot-on and beautifully done. Who knew cartoons could have such A+ selfie game?! Bonafini nails each character’s (selfie) style and it’s amazing. And as if all of that weren’t enough, the pictures come complete with hilarious commentary from the stars’ BFFs, just like real-life Instagram. We have the entire series below, but you can check out more of Bonafini’s work on her Tumblr and blog (which, fair warning, is in Italian).

The Mirror Selfie: The Evil Queen & Snow White

The Beach Selfie: Ariel (aka the Little Mermaid), Sebastian, and Flounder

The Photobombed Selfie: Wendy, Peter Pan, John, and Michael

The BFF Selfie: Alice and the Mad Hatter

The Gym Selfie: Hercules

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