A supercut of old-school Disney Channel wand IDs is bringing back memories of DCOM stars we forgot we loved

Shoutout to the Disney Channel social media team for quietly serving up a hit of nostalgia. On April 18th, 2018, the Disney Channel YouTube account shared a supercut of those “wand ID” clips that are so synonymous with the legendary kids’ channel. Remember the interstitials between shows where the “it” Disney Channel stars would say their name and then draw magical mouse ears with their fancy LED wands? This new video features all our OG faves including some DCOM stars we forget were DCOM stars (hello, American Ferrera?). Hilary Duff has since called those wand IDs “ridiculous,” but they are such a vestige of our childhood that any mention of them gives us so many feels. We don’t even care that nobody was actually drawing mouse ears.

So who is in this magical new wand ID supercut? It’s got then-children Cole and Dylan Sprouse (which is weird for adult Jughead stans, tbh), the Mowry sisters, vintage Miley Cyrus (in a wig), Brenda Song, Anneliese van der Pol from That’s So Raven (who also stars in the reboot, Raven’s Home), and so many more.

There are also a ton of new Disney Channel stars in the video, but we’re aging millennials, so sorry, kids — we don’t know you.


Now that Disney Channel is rebooting some of our faves, like the new live-action Kim Possible movie, we might drag ourselves back over to the Disney Channel and see what’s what. That’s not creepy, right? It’s nostalgic!

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