This Disney Channel movie predicted another Clinton presidency…in the ’90s?!

ICYMI, remember long, long ago — back in the ‘90s — when there was a Disney Channel TV movie called Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century?

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In it, Kirsten Storms played a teenager, Zenon Kar, living in space. Just an ordinary place to live. NBD. With classes in a space station. Also NBD. And, it was the year 2049. Yep, still NBD.

But, get this. During Zenon’s first class, her professor — a hologram, of course — lectured about none other than the current president.

Drumroll, please…

Chelsea Clinton!

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(Remember, it was supposed to be 2049!)

“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about President Clinton is that, unlike her father, Bill, who also held the office at the close of the last century, President Chelsea Clinton has taken a forceful and unwavering stand in favor of the harvesting of underwater vegetation as a major source of energy and food,” the professor said, according to Buzzfeed.

But a female Clinton as President. I know, riiight?

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The Twitterverse, too, remembered this Clinton “prediction,” of sorts. (Besides, it’s not even 2049 yet, so Chelsea has some time to prep.)

We know a female Clinton is not President yet, but it could happen.

Which makes us feel like this:

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Want to see the movie clip yourself? You can check it out here.