Disney channel shows that inspired our wardrobe in the 2000s

Back in the 2000s, when we were young, impressionable, and shopping at Limited Too, our lives revolved around the latest and coolest fashion. We didn’t have to look far for inspiration, either, since Disney Channel doled out a huge lineup of amazing shows that gave us characters with swoon-worthy outfits. If we couldn’t be Lizzie and Miranda, we at least wanted to be friends with them, and since we couldn’t do that either, the best we could do was dress like them. Which we did. Like, every day. So many butterfly clips. So much crimped hair.

These two weren’t the only ones to make us rush out to the store in search for a similar outfit. What other wardrobes did we desperately need in our lives from the Disney Channel?

Ren Stevens, Even Stevens

Ren Stevens perfected the look of barrettes and chokers. Also, the look of v-neck shirts and cardigans. Also, preppy style before we even realized that was a thing any regular human could pull off.

Kim Possible, Kim Possible

Kim had like, three outfits: one for school, one for cheerleading, and one for saving the world (the most important outfit). It’s that last one we’re all still trying to make happen years later. cargo shorts and a black crop top? Considering how much but Kim kicks wearing this two-piece, it’s got to be comfortable.

Raven and Chelsea, That’s So Raven

Sorry for this, but Raven’s outfits were literally so Raven. The girl could make anything work, and she did. For me, it was always Raven’s coats that I wanted the most. The big ones lined with the faux-colored fur? I’d still wear that today. Then just take a second and remember all those times Raven and Chelsea dressed up in amazing are outlandish costumes for whatever undercover reason.

Hannah/Miley, Hannah Montana

Lets’s talk about both sides of Hannah Montana as a fashion inspiration, OK? We had the rock star, of course, who was fierce and fearless up on the stage. Take that away, and we had Miley Stewart who was cool and confident and rocked amazing beachwear all of the time. Best of both worlds? Yes.

Keely, Phil of the Future

As Phil’s best friend, Keely had the difficult task of keeping her cool even after she learned he was from the future. She did so with her sunny and friendly personality. Also, her clothes. It’s like Keely herself went into the future and saw exactly what styles we’d want to rock. She also could pull off a ton of different looks, from sporty one day, to bohemiam the next. Also, Aly Michalka’s GORGEOUS curly hair. Still trying to make that style happen in the future.

Alex, The Wizards of Waverly Place

Who better to take us into a brand new decade than Alex Russo? Wizards took placec in New York City, and Alex was always dressed in the coolest new fashions. Vests? Check. Longer knit vests? Check. How about headbands and/or scarves? Double check. Long statement necklaces and cute sweater dresses? Check check. Boots for walkng all over the city? YUP. Oh, and a want. Yes, that too. Actually, can we keep on dressing like Alex, even today?

Zenon, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

OK, technically not a show, but the girl of the future gave us not one but THREE different movies, so she was in our lives at LOT. Zenon pioneered brightly colored leggings underneath even brighter skirts, and sparkles — so many galactic silver sparkles. How many times did you put your hair in two side pig tales?

Lizzie and Miranda, Lizzie McGuire

OUR ULTIMATE FASHION ICONS in the 2000s. Can’t have a list without mentioning Lizzie and Miranda’s fashion choices. Twice. Because they were just that good, and it’s a GOOD THING overalls are coming back into fashion…. Because we’ve had them tucked away for like ten years now.

(Images via Disney Channel)

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