Exclusive: We just found out Disney is making Baby Dory toys and we need them all ASAP!

Out of all the great film characters who have come into our lives this summer, one stands out above the rest: Baby Dory.

Those big eyes! That tiny little body with those big eyes! The fact that even way back when, Dory was a lovable forgetful fish, and that honestly just makes us love her even more. We love her so much, we want to take her home and cuddle with her every single night our our lives.


If having a Baby Dory of your own is something that’s been on your mind since checking out Finding Dory, we’ve got some amazing news. Disney is releasing a whole line of Baby Dory toys, and they can all be yours!

We’ve got the exclusive first-look at everything Baby Dory, and get your wallets ready, because you’re going to want to buy them ALL.

For starters, there are big and little Baby Dory plushes, and they will make the best gift for any die-hard Dory fan in your life (or you know, keep them both for yourself).


Seeing as it’s ridiculously hot absolutely everywhere in the country right now, a Baby Dory bath squirter is exactly what you need to keep cool.


There’s also the Baby Dory memory game, which is perfect for everyone (but Dory) as you try to help the little blue fish find her way home across the big blue world!


And last, but certainly not least, an actual RoboFish SWIMMING BABY DORY. OMG. It’s like having a real Baby Dory of your very own, but you never actually have to clean the bowl!!


The adorable level is at maximum overload right now, and our hearts feel like they’re going to burst from sheer cuteness. All these Dorys can be yours to take home on August 1st, wherever your favorite Baby Dory toys are sold, so get swimming.

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