Disney is basically making the world of Avatar a reality. NBD.

You know, Disney isn’t all about Frozen all day every day 24/7. Soon, we’re going to start seeing a new movie at the forefront of Disney magic — Avatar. James Cameron’s epic space saga has joined forces with Mickey Mouse, and the result is going to be phenomenal.

Here’s the DL for those not up to speed on what’s happening down in Orlando, Florida: Walt Disney World’s theme parks, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is going through a huge makeover. When everything is said and done, the story and land of Avatar will basically be a thing IRL that you can go and experience without having to fly to Pandora. Do you like having your mind blown by insane real life special effects? Great, then this is the place for you!

Disney released a quick 38-second video showing us exactly what’s in store for this new land. First off, it’s nothing short of sheer magic. It shows Avatar director James Cameron excitedly looking at scale mock-ups of what we’re soon going to see in this new Animal Kingdom area. He’s there with Tom Staggs, who’s COO of The Walt Disney Company, and Joe Rohde, who’s in charge of Disney Imagineering, and they look pretty excited, too. Basically, we want to be them and hang out with them because they do this cool stuff all day long. Like, walk along a lighted path, leaving magical light impressions behind which is the coolest thing, and this is just the video of it.

Awesome walkways aren’t the only thing coming to this newest endeavor. It’s going to include at least two new rides — one roller coaster, and one boat ride, probably — but then it’ll also include something like World of Color at California Adventure in Disneyland. So that’s basically a water and light show that will take your breath away, but themed to a Pandora nighttime spectacular.

Disney is still in the midst of construction for this new addition, and it’s not going to be ready until at least 2017 — when the first of the next three planned Avatar sequels drops, too. We’re perfectly fine waiting that long, but only if Avatar-land is the most mind-boggling theme park experience ever.

Image via here/Disney.

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