These Disney Channel stars did an anti-bullying campaign and it’s SO inspiring

Growing up can be hard, especially in today’s day and age. We often hear stories of kids who are relentlessly bullied and we’ve always empathized tremendously with them, and now some of Disney Channel’s biggest stars are speaking out about bullying prevention with their newest anti-bullying campaign, #ChooseKindness.

Girl Meets World Star Rowan Blanchard, also known as one of the most intelligently progressive child stars of her generation, leads the campaign, which is launching just ahead of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in October.

K.C. Undercover‘s Veronica Dunne and twins Benjamin and Matthew Royer from Best Friends Whenever join the 14-year old Girl Meets World star in telling the youth of America to “choose kindness.”

We absolutely love that these kids are taking a stand and inspiring not only kids, but also adults to speak out on bullying and offer the simple solution of being kind instead.

Seriously, that’s what we need more of in the world! A little kindness definitely goes a long, long way!


High-fives all around to these teen stars, they’re truly making a difference in the world!

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