If Disney characters used AirBnB, here’s where they’d stay

Are you experiencing Disney fatigue? Not yet? That’s great, because the Internet has gifted us with even more wonderfully bizarro Disney scenarios. We’ve already seen what Disney characters would look like with realistic hair and realistic waistlines. But we haven’t seen where they’d realistically stay if they wanted to take a brief vacation without boarding in a hotel.

Yeah, we’re talking about the Disney invasion of AirBnB. Creative wizards Mayra Nunez and Hanna Kregling, cleverly took to the home rental site and added a slew of prime Disney rental locations. Basically, they uploaded images of all the glorious, haunting architecture from all of our favorite fairytales and offered realistic descriptions and prices for each location. Kind of genius, right? Unfortunately, these cartoon getaways were quickly spotted and removed from the site, but not before they were preserved as snapshots for posterity.

Here’s the “Isolated Cathedral Loft” in Paris. It’s owned by Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so he’s your go-to guy if you want to haggle over the $146 per night fee.  This spot also comes with charming wake up bells every morning, and gargoyle breakfast butlers. Quasi also encourages guests to “Feel free to go out there among the millers and the weavers and the wives.” OK, thanks for the tourist tip.

If you’re looking for something tucked away from the Paris hustle and bustle, you can opt for Le Château de Bonefamille (from The Aristocats), which is, obviously, a cat friendly manor. The price? Only $67 a night to hang out with the adorable Marie Cat. Also the lady of the house will drink sherry with you every night. She promises that in the listing. 

However, if you’re not planning to spend your whole vacation in Paris, there’s one charming location in Greece built for a god. It’s also centrally located to other “attractions for mortals” and you can wake up feeling like Zeus for only $25 a night! Yup, here’s a pretty opulent listing, courtesy of Hercules.

And if you’re really traveling the globe, a stop in China isn’t complete without a nights stay in a legendary Chinese Farmhouse. They even offer a military discount for those who have served! However, does the stay come with Little Brother playtime? (That’s Mulan’s dog, for everyone who hasn’t watched Mulan a million times).

Oh, one last stop, and this one takes us to Hawaii (Lilo and Stitch!). This cozy getaway comes complete with surfing and hula lessons, and pets are welcome. No one ever gets left behind for activities, and you’ll also be able to use the complimentary spaceship to get around the island.

You can check out all of Nunez and Kregling work here. BRB, I’m off to try and book a room in a charming, isolated tower with hand-painted wall-decals. (I’m talking about Rapunzel’s tower, of course).

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