We’re completely mesmerized by this aerial shot of Disney’s Star Wars Land construction

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Stars Wars Land construction over at Disneyland. With an opening date quickly approaching (JK, no one knows when it’s going to open, but maaaaybe 2018?) it’s safe to assume that everything inside Disney’s new land is coming along nicely and there are maybe a few buildings up in the area, and probably an At-At or two!

Nope. Actually it’s still just a big ol’ pile of dirt, but we love this pile of dirt so much and we’re so excited to see it truly come to life.

While we’ve been graced with a few concept renderings of the area over the past few months (along with some over-the-fence-shots of the location) now we’ve got an even better treat: How about an aerial view of the construction? Now we’re talking about progress.

Our friends over at Nearmap — a company that specializes in aerial photography — has been documenting the ongoings of Star Wars Land construction, and has shared with us a before-and-after picture of the location. AND IT’S A SLIDE-Y THING!!

The first picture was taken on November 15th, 2015, just before construction started. The second picture was taken on September 22nd of this year, just shy of a year later. And look at the progress that has been made in less than 365 days! If you need reference points for what exactly has changed in the park over the last year, here’s what still standing in the area. Roughly half the Rivers of America (that body of water) is just g-o-n-e.


It might seem seem like a whole lot has been done towards actually constructing the new area, but when you realize what had to be demolished (and all that water that needed to be moved!) a ton has actually been done.

Now, if Disney could just keep chugging along at this steady pace, Star Wars Land will be ready to visit before you know it!

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