Disney’s new ’90s Flashback Collection looks like someone resurrected our childhood bedrooms

There comes a point in every millennial’s life when they get hit with a pang of nostalgia so deep that the only antidote is to re-read all of Harry Potter, run out to the Mean Girls musical, or swoop up some ’90s “vintage” merch and party like it’s 1999. Disney and Oh My Disney have rushed in to fill that void with their ’90s Flashback Collection, and this curated selection of clothes and merch is so on-point it’s like sifting through every millennial’s childhood bedroom.

Disney’s ’90s Flashback Collection is available at Shop Disney and brick and mortar Disney Stores, and includes clothes, accessories, and merch with artwork from your favorite ’90s Disney flicks (we’re talking Aladdin, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, etc.), but more importantly—all the lewks feel like they were made in the ’90s.

Would you like a denim jacket with Aladdin-inspired appliqués on the front and back? What about adorning the jacket with a Hercules pin set?

Our favorite items from the collection are the “VHS-tape” clutches, which are, hello, clutches that look like VHS tapes. There are also VHS-inspired journals and keychains, but can you imagine stomping into a party with a VHS “tape” of The Little Mermaid at your side? C’mon!

The collection also features items that are near dupes for things you might have actually owned as a kid. Like this Flounder novelty cup complete with a curly straw or a Lion King 8-color ballpoint pen. What happened to 8-color ballpoint pens anyway? Those were handy.

Although everything in the collection is under $100 with most items sitting near the $25 mark, we still deeply regret selling off all our old very similar Disney merch at a garage sale in the ’90s. Now is our chance to live our best lives again.

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