The “Disloyal Man” meme has taken over the internet, and we can’t stop laughing at them either

Everyone loves a good meme, but it’s extra fun to watch one gain popularity and become an instant classic. This week, it’s the “Disloyal Man” meme that has taken over the internet, and all the various versions of it are too good not to share.

ICYMI: The meme is based on a stock photo by Antonio Guillem from Shutterstock showing a young couple walking down the street. The man’s head is swing around, in classic “check her out” form, gawking at a woman in the foreground of the photo. Another woman, presumably his girlfriend, is glaring at him, aghast, as she catches him checking out another woman while holding her hand.

The internet cannot get enough of this trio.

The meme has been around for a few months, according to Know Your Meme, and it’s based on an Instagram post about falling in love. But the picture really gained popularity when Twitter user Omar Essam copied a joke about millennials new-found love for socialism and used the picture to illustrate it. Essam’s version went viral quickly, being retweeted about 40,000 times and favorited by 100,000 people.

While it made its way around the internet, people started changing the labels for each person, giving them different roles in the “story.”

Here’s the original.

And here are some of the better versions.



There are so many good ones.

They get really meta, really quickly.

As you can see, it’s pretty ridiculous. Making the game all the more fun is the fact that there are multiple versions of this picture on Shutterstock (as there often is with stock photos), so one could just go on and on all day. Making matters more complicated is that some people are really confused about the fact that the “girlfriend” in the picture looks strikingly similar to the girl that is being catcalled.

But that can be part of the joke.

Or not. Some of the funnier ones don’t play on the same-ness of the two things, but more about the one thing being shocked or left out, like the girlfriend. It can go either way.

Get it? Does your brain hurt yet?

Just delete our accounts — the internet has obviously reached peak internet.