Discontinued ’90s Snacks That Need to Make a Comeback

As kids growing up in the ’90s, we had it pretty good. Silly putty, Furbies, Game Boys and Bill Nye the Science Guy made every year a new combination of strange and wonderful trends, toys, and — most importantly — food.

The ’90s were an interesting time in the food industry. A trip to the supermarket in the was practically a psychedelic experience. From purple ketchup to candy as cereal to lollipops that turned into whistles, it was a kids dream come true (and possibly a parent’s worst nightmare, at least if the general youth was like me and threw a tantrum if none of these snacks showed up in your lunchbox).

But as strange as they were, some of the ’90s foods were also seriously delicious. Every once in a while the craving hits and nothing sounds better than eating one of these wacky snacks.

Two companies have actually listened to these cravings: Coca Cola brought back Surge, their 1996 citrus soda, exclusively on Amazon in response to public requests. Just yesterday, Mars announced that they will bring back Crispy M&Ms, another 90’s crowd favorite. Now that these brands have given us hope, here are 11 more discontinued snacks we want back on shelves.

1. Dunk-a-roos

Dunk-a-roos were a snack pack launched by Betty Crocker that contained cookies which you’d then dunk into the large icing packet. Almost as exciting as loading up the cookies with a mountain of frosting was talking in an Australian accent the whole time you were eating them.

2. Pop-Tarts Crunch Cereal

This is probably the best of the many ’90s breakfasts that disguised candy as cereal. The “Pop Tarts for your spoon” came in Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Strawberry, but sadly only lasted a year on shelves.

3. McSalad Shakers

A cup is by far the best way to eat salad. Nothing beats the instant gratification of shaking the cup and having the dressing and toppings immediately distribute themselves, without having to stir your fork around for two minutes. I was too young to appreciate salad in any form in the ’90s, but I sure wish these were around now.

4. Melody Pops

As someone who still lacks the ability to whistle, nothing was better as a kid than getting to the end of a lollipop and having the whistle built in. While I’m sure it drove my parents crazy, Melody Pops were the best way I had to get back at my whistling big brother.

5. Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks: Highly Caffeinated Chocolate

I was too hyper of a kid for caffeine in the ’90s, but as an overextended college student who doesn’t like coffee, these are number one on my wish list. What could ever be better than chocolate? Chocolate with caffeine. (And really, why were these discontinued when Ed Hardy T-shirts still exist?)

6. Dannon Sprinkl’ins

Dannon Sprinkl’ins were the reason I spent years thinking yogurt was a dessert. Nothing was more entertaining to me than mixing in the sprinkles and watching my yogurt turn rainbow. Really, everything is better with sprinkles.

7. Heinz EZ Squirt

If this came out for the first time now, I would probably be pretty grossed out. But as a nine-year-old, nothing was more enticing than purple ketchup on my fries. A little illogical, perhaps, but sometimes nostalgia hits and red ketchup just doesn’t quite do it for me.

8. Sprite Remix

These were the closest the U.S. ever got to having a fruit soda with European Fanta-level deliciousness. Sprite has always been the king of lemon-lime, but these were even better.

9. Life Saver Holes

These are undeniably the weirdest item on this list. I can’t claim to miss the flavor, since Lifesavers taste exactly the same, but you have to wonder. . . what do they do with the centers now that there isn’t this product?

10. French Toast Crunch

I was never allowed to eat sugary cereals as a kid, so when I went to my friends house for a sleepover I always looked forward to her French Toast Crunch in the morning. It wasn’t until college that I tried regular Cinnamon Toast Crunch from the dining hall, and it just can’t quite compare.

11. Giggles Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

These sandwich cookies were better than Oreo’s, because they had vanilla and chocolate cream filling. Not to mention their adorable design, which beats even Goldfish as a snack that smiles back.

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