Dirty, Pretty, Spiritual You

Are you hoping to embark upon a spiritual and soulful existence? If so, you have my encouragement to just give it up, get back to your roots and simply be human. So many of us on a spiritual path set ourselves a very high standard. Perhaps sometimes a wholly unrealistic standard, one that sees us setting ourselves up to fail. In the past, I have provided myself with a list of ‘Divine Living Rules’ that I pretty much failed at. In this failure I balked at myself, unsure of where my spirituality stood.

Let’s be straight on this: you do not lose your spirituality, your spirit or your divinity by doing anything at all. Those things are permanent fixtures of your soul baby. Spirit is your birthright; it’s your pre-birth and afterlife right, too! So if you indulge in gossip, swear at your mother, insult an elderly person, get drunk, curse, think negatively, overreact, overindulge, fight with your partner, forget to say thank you or any other such horrendous sin, then heck, I say don’t worry. Your spirituality is going nowhere. It is you.

The thing about this life is, we are at where we are at. Our paths have brought us to this moment and it is perfect in it’s intrinsic chaotic madness. You could not have done better in the past, that is impossible – you did what you did. Get over it, forgive yourself, take a breather and give yourself a break. Life is messy. Most of us do our very best in the moment, we make choices on impulse and sometimes we hurt people through them. We are meant to be human for a reason. We are meant to run up against our own fallibilities and failures and feel irksome and dirtied, muddy, rude, crude, lewd, tattooed – whatever!

There is the whole concept, too, about learning and growing and making good from our mistakes. I strongly believe that there are no mistakes. Never ever, ever – though, of course, to render this a reality, you must resolve to learn from each ‘mistake’ so that it becomes an opportunity. Which is all very relevant and important, but right now I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about the grime and the grit that got you where you are. The dirt that made you who you are. Because that stuff is really, very cool.

Every bloody minded move you make for good, bad or worse has happened for a reason. If you learn from it, then great. But if not, you also have to accept what you did and move on. Life is a difficult taskmaster and not one of us is perfect. Not a one. Be sure of that my friend, because it makes the days and the chaos fly by us easier. You are human. You are human not because it is your job to ascend as soon as possible. But because for whatever reason your spirit wanted to get its hands dirty, it wanted to get up to its knees – no, its waist – in mud. It all serves a purpose.

If I hadn’t been naughty in my time, I would never have written my books, I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t have a damned thing to say for myself. So be naughty, be neglectful, be silly, accept your hangover as a sheer result of your flesh and blood, and the weaknesses that can, if taken with a side dish of soulful living, add up to one great big strength over time. Allow yourself to get muddy in the mess of human life. Get muddy and wallow in it. You are human for a reason. Whatever else you do this week, make the effort to be the dirty little human that you are. Love and forgive that human, show them a good time! A soulful existence would hold no meaning without the grit it came from. Embrace the method in the madness. Embrace your mistakes and hold them proud in your heart knowing that they are the axis upon which your own greatness will turn.

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