A ‘Dirty Dancing’ reboot starring Abigail Breslin? Oh yes please

Our favorite forbidden romance from the 1980s is getting a reboot. ABC has announced that they will broadcast a musical adaptation of Dirty Dancing, which premiered in theaters nearly 20 years ago in 1987.

This comes as no surprise, as network TV has been giving several classics a modern, musical makeover (and introducing them to new generations). NBC has had success with their live versions of Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, and most recently, The Wiz. Meanwhile, FOX is busy prepping for the broadcast of Grease Live this coming January, as well as working on a taped TV version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Laverne Cox. According to the A.V. Club, this Dirty Dancing adaptation has been in development at ABC for at least a year.

If you’ve never seen the original Dirty Dancing, it’s the classic tale of rich girl meets bad boy from the wrong side of the dance floor, set in the Catskills mountains in the 1960s. The movie spawned the world famous line, “Nobody puts baby in a corner!” Which is the best line, ever.

Here’s what we know so far: the 3-hour movie event won’t be live, and will instead follow the traditional TV format of being pre-taped. Abigail Breslin, our favorite Scream Queen, will star as the watermelon-holding, leaping-into-the-air Baby, originally played in the film by Jennifer Grey.

There’s no word yet on who will play Johnny Castle, one of the late Patrick Swayze’s most iconic characters. As of right now, no premiere date has been announced.

(Image via Great American Films)