The first promo for the “Dirty Dancing” reboot is finally here

Given our obsession with all things Dirty Dancing, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the TV remake with Abigail Breslin (in the iconic Baby Houseman role), alongside Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing, Bruce Greenwood, and newbie Colt Prattes. The Dirty Dancing musical’s first promo is here, and it looks like it captures the spark of the original 1987 movie, as well as injecting new personality and energy into every character.

Remember all those incredible songs?! Well, updated versions will be in the remake, and the choreographer is from Hamilton. In other words, we’re in exceptional hands. Yup, this promo is already making us get up on our feet for a middle-of-the-day dance party!

[tempo-video id=”5408628940001″ account=”416418724″]

The director, Wayne Blair, is responsible for bringing us The Sapphires (a movie about an Aboriginal singing group who went to Vietnam to entertain the troops in 1968), and the writer, Jessica Sharzer, wrote Nerve starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts (among numerous other things). So again, the creative team is top notch and worth getting excited about.

And when can we see the whole thing, you ask? May 24th! As in, not very long from now. But in the meantime, we’re totally gonna go and re-watch the original.