There are even more products to the “Dirty Dancing” makeup collection than we thought

The Dirty Dancing makeup collection has so much more goodies than we thought! Usually, when a movie teams up for a beauty release, it is a very short and limited run. Not the case with the Dirty Dancing line apparently! Sola Look, the cosmetics brand behind the coveted Flashdance eyeshadow palette, is making us swoon all over again with these Dirty Dancing makeup teases.

If you haven’t seen it already, Sola Look is releasing a VHS-shaped eyeshadow palette.

We are IN LOVE with this genius and nostalgic packaging.

In addition to the Dirty Dancing eyeshadow palette, Sola Look is coming out with a liquid lipstick! The shade was actually inspired by Baby’s lipstick that she wore when she and Johnny were dancing “Mambo Magic” at the Sheldrake Hotel (this was the part where Baby didn’t do the famous lift).

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Fans of the original know movie the lines and character by heart, and will instantly recognize shade names in this palette!

We can’t believe how perfect this lipstick swatch is!

We can’t wait to pair it with matte eyes that are as smoldering as Johnny Castle!

Or the strikingly red I Carried a Watermelon hue that will amp up any look.

These shadows look highly pigmented and this palette is at the top of our shopping list!

The Dirty Dancing collection will be available soon on, nobody puts this makeup in the corner! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks because the brand will be announcing the release date soon. We’re crossing our fingers we don’t have to wait much longer.

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While we wait for the Dirty Dancing eyeshadow palette and lipstick to launch, we’ll also be counting down the days for the remake starring Abigail Breslin. She might be known to most as Little Miss Sunshine, but she will always be a Chanel to us because we love our Scream Queens!

So naturally, we need all the Dirty Dancing-inspired makeup right now.

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