There was a dirty conversation between Tormund and Brienne that was taken out in “Game of Thrones”

If you were watching the Game of Thrones season premiere on Sunday, you saw a brief but beautiful exchange between Tormund and Brienne of Tarth in the Winterfell courtyard before the scene cut away to Sansa and Littlefinger on a balcony above them.

As Littlefinger creepily attempted to engage Sansa in conversation, our favorite imagined GoT couple continued to interact below. But what exactly were they chatting about? According to the the episode’s director, Jeremy Podeswa, their conversation turned explicit *quickly* as Tormund attempted to woo Brienne using his past relationship…with a bear.

"There is one thing that they scripted and they riffed on that, which is Tormund says something about his relationship with Sheila the Bear," Podeswa told Insider. "And nobody knows what that means or what that's all about, so that's meant to make Brienne look at him askance. He's either trying to shock her or he's just oblivious that he's saying something that's crazy."

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Given Tormund’s interesting flirting tactics, we definitely think that it’s a bit of both.

But this isn’t the first time Tormund has recounted his relationship with Sheila the Bear, who many fans believe to be a Mormont from Bear Island as opposed to an *actual*bear. Back in season four, he attempts to tell the story to a bunch of wildlings — although he refers to it as a one night stand as opposed to a relationship.

"Oh, that was a night to remember. Of course, I'd had a good bit to drink," Tormund told the group. "Her fangs were sharp, but she knew how to use them. And she was nice and soft down below. No, she was no ordinary beast."

Semantics aside, we don’t think learning that Tormund’s previously dated a bear will make Brienne any more interested in the wildling than she already is (or isn’t, really).

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We hate to think that this brief exchange in “Dragonstone” is the last we’ll see of our GoT dream couple (this season, of course) — with Tormund heading toward Eastwatch-by-the-sea and Brienne going wherever Sansa goes — but at least we now know that Tormund gave it his best and *boldest* shot.

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