This dirt biker jumped off a 100-foot sand dune and landed on top of a Jeep

No matter how many fail-proof plans you make, life will always show up with a curveball you didn’t see coming in order to let you know who’s actually running shit (Hint: It’s not you.). For instance, take this dirt biker who jumped off a sand dune in Qatar and landed, well, somewhere he didn’t want to.

Now surely, this guy didn’t plan to land on the hood of a Jeep Wrangler. He obviously intended to clear the 100-foot sand dune and celebrate with his fellow bikers accordingly.

Instead, as we see in the DesertDirtbikes clip, this ambitious airborne individual came thisclose to achieving his goal, but life said “nah bro, you’re going this way,” and, oof, someone has a hefty vehicle repair bill.

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Quick sidebar, tho: Anyone else wish they could’ve joined these guys in the sandy oasis to kick up some dirt, because OMG, these desert #views are ah-mazing. Who cares if you shouldn’t wear sweaters in the desert? We wanna go there and experience this glistening gold land in all its glory — but without crashing into a car, which you can cringe-watch below:

Yeah, that was pretty tough to watch. The slow-motion playback and views from different angles were equally painful to see, especially because some of them actually looked like the biker cleared the Jeep, but unfortunately the skid marks and the dent on the hood of the vehicle say otherwise.

No word on the mental state of the Jeep owner, but relieved that the biker escape the incident unharmed, and as the video description reads, “rode away like a boss.”