There was an epic on-stage proposal at the 2018 Emmys, and Twitter is losing its mind

As much as we love them, awards shows are fairly predictable. There’s banter, acceptance speeches, and at least one song-and-dance number (usually with a Kristen Bell cameo). That’s why we were taken aback when the 2018 Emmys featured a genuinely shocking—and surprisingly moving—moment: an onstage proposal.

It all started when Glenn Weiss, who was nominated for Outstanding Directing For A Variety Show, won for his work on last year’s Oscars. Weiss took to the stage to accept the award, noting that he had recently lost his mother, and that his heart was “broken.” However, Weiss then pivoted his attention to the audience—specifically, toward his girlfriend, Jan.

"You wonder why I don't like to call you my girlfriend," he said. "It's because I want to call you my wife.

Cue: Literal gasps and awwws from the audience (Leslie Jones literally bolted up from her seat). Jan made her way to the stage, and Weiss got down on one knee.

And Twitter has lost its damn mind.


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Now excuse us while we go watch this moment on repeat and cry happy tears for the next several hours. Goodnight.

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