Your favorite candle brand is launching scented tattoos and jewelry for when you’re feeling fancy

When it comes to luxe gifts and self-care goodies disguised as home decor, few things compare to Diptyque candles, which are the ultimate “treat yourself” gift. We already know that Diptyque candles make your space smell amazing, but now, the French brand is giving you a chance to accessorize with their signature scents, and it’s positively dreamy.

Diptyque just announced its new line of scented temporary tattoos and jewelry, so you can feel fancy even when you’re on-the-go. According to, the Prêts-à-Parfumer collection features a fragrance-infused string bracelet and brooch, as well as scented satin temporary tats in three of the brand’s most popular scents. Looks like we already have birthday gifts picked out for our mom, sister, BFFs…and ourselves, of course.

The scented bracelet will be available in your choice of the brand’s signature scents, “Do Son,” “Eau Rose,” and “Tam Dao,” according to WWD. Your wrist is one of your body’s biggest pulse points, so this sounds super sexy if you ask us. The black-and-white thread comes in an ultra-chic black container, so you can cut it and make a bracelet, necklace, or anklet, depending on your mood. It will cost $90, so it’s a more affordable alternative to Diptyque’s perfumes, which start at $98 and go up to $250 for a full-size bottle.

We’re equally obsessed with the Patch de Parfum, a line of scented satin tattoos that will come in three different styles and scents: a black rose for the “Eau Rose” scent, a black tuberose for the “Do Son” fragrance, and a black swan for the “l’Ombre dans l’Eau” fragrance. At $55 a pop, these can be applied (and re-applied up to three times) anywhere you want a hint of fragrance, which truly sounds like the most sultry way to amp up your date-night beauty routine.

Then there’s the gold bird brooch, which comes with scented ceramic discs that you store behind the brooch to emit your favorite fragrance, with the option of “Do Son,” “Eau Rose,” and “Fleur de Peau.” The gilded accessory will cost $120.

The Prêts-à-Parfumer collection will be on sale on Diptyque’s website starting on September 2nd, and we’re already dreaming about how fancy we’ll feel when we get our hands on it.

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