Dior’s new Pump’n’Volume mascara has a genius feature we’ve NEVER seen before

There are some products that are ever-evolving and constantly transforming to accommodate changes in formula, technology, and style — mascara is NOT usually one of these! Until now, you could pretty much count on your standard mascara tube to function in the same way as it always has, but thanks to Dior’s new Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Mascara, it’s all about to change! This squeezable mascara is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and we’re totally intrigued.

This mascara tube is specially designed with a curve at the bottom where you can place your fingers and squeeze when your mascara starts to run low. The pressure of your fingers warms up and reactivates the mascara — no more dry, clumpy lashes when you’re more than halfway down the tube!

The Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Mascara will be available on April 1st for $29.50.


That’s a pretty reasonable price for an innovative new product from a luxury, high-end brand!

Unsurprisingly, the mascara was all over the runway at this weekend’s Dior show.


Makeup artist Peter Phillips was the lucky fellow who got to apply this gorgeous new products on all the models at the show. We can’t wait to have a shot at it ourselves!


We love the idea that we can load up the brush without having to pump or swirl it around, risking bacterial transfer or drying out the mascara prematurely. It’s a totally new way to achieve max levels of volume. The creamy formula is super stable and precise, and the brush has flexible spikes that are incredibly gentle on your lashes.

We have to admit, this new feature has us totally curious about abandoning our usual mascara. We love innovations in beauty, and if this really is successful in getting that mascara loaded on without drying it out, we have a feeling we’re gonna get hooked!

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