Dior will officially be selling temporary tattoos

If you’re a fan of Dior and childhood nostalgia, get ready for this: The brand’s Spring 2018 Couture Collection is going to include temporary tattoos. The look was revealed during Monday’s fashion show in Paris, where models showcased beautiful Surrealist phrases and images on their collarbones.

It seems like the talents behind Dior did their homework. Vogue pointed out that the phrases come from André Breton, the writer of the  1920s book The Surrealist Manifesto, as well the founder of the entire Surrealist movement.  One of the many temporary slogans is “L’amour est toujours devant vous. Aimes!” which translates to  “Love is always before you. Love!” Another reads “Au départ il ne s’agit pas de comprendre mais bien d’aimer,” which means “In the beginning, it is not a matter of understanding but of loving.”

The tattoos were placed on the models with care, looking less like a temporary tattoos than real ones the models may have gotten themselves. Each and every one managed to perfectly complement the outfit it was paired with. Vogue reported that the clothes themselves were inspired by Surrealist Leonor Fini, a female painter who was known for creating works of art depicting strong, powerful women. So if you find yourself wanting to become familiar with her work after looking at these runway photos, we’re on the same page.


Many of the dresses that debuted were black and white, two colors that many Surrealist painters used in their work.


But there is bad news. For now, we’re not sure whether Dior will be selling the tattoos to the public — although it’s still possible. Teen Vogue notes that Chanel used temporary tattoos back in 2010 and then made them available for purchase for $75. Regardless of whether or not we can get them through the company, this temporary body art may very well serve as ink inspiration for those of us looking for our next great tattoo.

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