Proof that if dinosaurs were house pets, they’d be a lot like cats

We’re still not over Jurassic World: The Jurassic Park franchise has us once again thinking about how rad it would be to hang with dinosaurs. (So long as they weren’t eating us and all.) I might actually still be crying over the sad Brontosaurus scene. (I totally am.)

In a new video uploaded to YouTube, Teresa Richards, Brian White, Laurel Durkan and Brickyard VFX have hilariously shown us what it might be like to not just chill with dinosaurs, but to actually have one as a pet. Spoiler alert: it’s not all that different from having a cat. A rather annoying cat.

Let’s just say that this guy…

could use some lessons from this guy… (Just saying.)

Pour yourself a bowl of cereal and check out the hilarity:

Video via here, images via here and here.

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