Have dinner in the Hogwarts Great Hall this December because your dreams do come true

Do you have any plans for Thursday, December 3? Because if you’re lucky, it could be your chance to dine in the Great Hall. Hogwarts is celebrating the holidays in style this year, offering dinner, dancing and HP nostalgia wrapped into one night to remember at the Studio Tour in London. It sounds absolutely magical—sign us up!

We’re talking the real Great Hall set at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. The Great Hall where Howlers were opened and Treacle Tarts were devoured. The Great Hall with the enchanted ceiling and the long tables and the House Cup tally. Daniel Radcliffe himself sat here dozens and dozens of times, people!

The itinerary alone is enough to entice any Potterhead, casual or diehard. There are welcome drinks, a two-course Christmas dinner on the original Great Hall set, festive dessert bowls on Platform 9 ¾ and Butterbeer flowing in the backlot café. The evening concludes with two hours music and dancing. It’s basically the Yule Ball, you guys, so get your dress robes cleaned.

And then there’s the dinner menu. Roast turkey, cumin glazed carrots and crispy roast potatoes — oh my! Other amazing things: Admission includes full access to the studio tour. “Hogwarts attire” is encouraged. And, you get a WAND! Imagine roaming the actual, real sets of Hogwarts with a wand at the ready. That’s truly magical.

Unfortunately, tickets to the dinner are already sold out. But maybe a sip of Felix Felicis will turn your luck around!

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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