Today in human goodness: A diner paid to give this kind waiter a new smile

Working in food service is not easy, but sometimes a customer comes along who makes it all worth it. For Brian Maixner, a waiter at the Doo-Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas, that customer was Fred Boettcher, who recently surprised Maixner with a life-changing offer.

Maixner, who works the breakfast shift, was totally taken by surprise when Boettcher handed him a major tip: the chance to pay for the Maixner’s dental surgery. Maixner, a 43-year-old single dad, has long suffered from infections and missing teeth—a major health issue—he couldn’t afford to address. So when, Boettcher, an Oklahoma attorney, who had been visiting family in Wichita, learned of his waiter’s suffering, he decided to step in and help.

“I took one look at this young man and knew he was something special,” Boettcher told KWCH12.. “He carried himself with such kindness and confidence with a mouth that looked painful. I was struck by that.”

As a result of Boettcher’s kindness, Maixner was able to get dentures and will soon be getting further dental treatment to repair the damage in his mouth. According to ABC 7, costs are likely over $25,000, although Maixner has never seen a bill.

After working in the food service industry, Maixner has encountered all different types of customers, but he probably never expected to cross paths with someone like Boettcher—whose generosity helped alleviate a significant source of pain in his life. According to one report, the offer brought Maixner to tears.

“It’s so great. It’s a huge weight off of my shoulders,” Maixner told the Daily News. “I just have this new appreciation for my health.”

We’re so touched by this story. There’s nothing like a random act of kindness from a stranger to remind you that awesome people are out there, doing unexpectedly generous deeds and asking for nothing in return. And it’s also amazing when someone who works so hard just to keep afloat is rewarded for his efforts. So yay! There’s your feel-good story of the day. Hopefully, there’s more to come. . .

(Image via Wichita Eagle, New York Daily News)