Here’s how much (and who) you should be tipping

To tip or not to tip? Most people who work in the service industry rely on tips to help supplement their income. The most common times to tip are at a restaurant, while traveling and trips to the salon. It’s standard to tip 15 to 20 percent of your bill before taxes. If you had multiple people waiting on you then it’s best to tip them individually. Many servers prefer that you leave a tip in cash versus leaving it on your card. Many credit card companies take out a small percentage of the tip you leave taking away from the server’s full tip amount.

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When it comes to the homemade tipping jars at your favorite shop, it is totally up to you on whether you want to tip or not.

Tipping is important. Your server works hard to make sure you have a pleasurable experience so you should repay the kindness by making sure they receive the tip they deserve.

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