Meet the differently-abled cat who is taking over Instagram

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or, if you’re Roux the cat from Louisiana, when life gives you two legs, make yourself an Instagram sensation.

Roux, whose full name is Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux Hendrickson Dean Akey (because, why wouldn’t it be?), was born with two legs and was given to an animal shelter by her previous owner because Roux couldn’t bury her waste when she used the litter box. But when vet clinic Jackie Deak Akey saw Roux, she fell in love and couldn’t let her go.

Even though she only has two legs, Roux has managed to live a pretty normal life. Her owners sometimes call her “bunny-cat,” because she moves around by hopping on her two back legs. She even has a bunny “cousin” named Kangaroo to show her the ropes!

Roux’s missing front legs are her only defects. She’s otherwise healthy and happy, and has captured the hearts of the Internet with over 54.8K followers on Instagram!

On Instagram, you can watch Roux hop around as she finds her own unique way to be a cat. Sometimes this means leaping onto the couch using her shoulders, and other times it’s drinking water while perched on her back legs. All this and more is over @lilbunnysueroux!

One thing’s for sure: While Roux does things differently, that doesn’t make her any less adorable. Her Instagram describes her as “a cat, bunny, kangaroo, t-rex” kind of combination, and that seems to suit her pretty well. She doesn’t even seem to notice that she’s missing her limbs. She’s still perfectly happy — and that makes us happy as well!

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