Yes, There Are 7 Types of Female Orgasms—So It’s Time to Get Busy

Plus, five sex toys to help you achieve each one of them.

At one point or another, we’ve likely all wondered: Are there different types of orgasms? Whether penetration simply wasn’t cutting it or you’d hoped that an orgasm somehow felt more pleasurable, wondering how many types of orgasms exist is totally normal. After all, when one pair of shoes doesn’t fit, you look for more, right? The same goes for orgasms.

If you’ve never climaxed or plainly hope to find more ways to, you’ll be glad to know that there are a handful of ways women can get off. From anal Os to BDSM forced orgasms, ahead you’ll learn about all the different kinds of orgasms you can have.

First Things First: Can Everyone Orgasm? 

Before diving into all the various types of female orgasms, let’s make one thing clear: Everyone can orgasm—it’s just a matter of overcoming roadblocks (or, shall we call them O-blocks?), harnessing the right mindset, and finding the right type of orgasm for you. So if you’ve ever chatted with your friends about their sexual forays in the field and felt a little less experienced, fret not! It may just be a matter of getting to know yourself (i.e. your body and mind) a little better. 

“People who are comfortable with their body and masturbate often have an easier time with orgasms than others. Women with past trauma, negative self-image, or who were trained to think [that] sex and pleasure were bad can have a harder time achieving orgasm,” Searah Deysach, the owner of feminist pleasure products shop Early to Bed, tells HelloGiggles. “For some women, it’s simply a matter of not quite knowing how their body works or what feels good that makes orgasms hard.”

If you want to know how to achieve different kinds of orgasms, read below. At least one of these is bound to knock your socks off. 

The Different Types of Female Orgasms 

“There are several different ways that people with vulvas can achieve orgasms, and the science is still out on whether or not they’re all that ‘different’ to begin with,” says Caitlin V., M.P.H, Royal clinical sexologist. “Theoretically, all orgasms follow the same physiological paths in the body, but anecdotally each of the different kinds of orgasm feels significantly different.” 

The different types of orgasms are as follows:  

Penetration orgasms (aka cervical orgasms or G-spot orgasms)

Let’s kick things off with penetration, as penetrative orgasms are often thought to be the only type of orgasm. While that’s certainly not the case, it’s important to understand all the ways penetration can lead to climax.  

When it comes to penetration, there are two factors to consider: the mythical G-spot and the cervix. The G-spot is actually an inner extension of the clitoris on the front pelvic wall of the vagina. When caressed, it can lead to climax. The cervix, on the other hand, is all the way at the end of the vagina. While stimulation can cause some people to get off, for others, it’s nothing but a jolt of pain. #DifferentStrokesForDifferentFolks.

“If you’re having trouble orgasming from penetration, you’re not alone,” says Alicia Sinclair, a pleasure-focused certified sex educator and CEO of luxury sex tech brands Le Wand, b-Vibe, and The Cowgirl. “Seventy percent of folks with a vulva report needing clitoral stimulation, in addition to penetration, to orgasm.”  

Callout: “This analogy is a little dramatic, but I think the obsession with orgasming from penetration is like an obsession with eating through your nostrils,” says Dr. Jill McDevitt, resident sexologist for sex toy emporium CalExotics. “I mean, yes, technically, your nasal cavity connects to your esophagus through your sinuses, and you could, in theory, digest food this way. But like, why? Your mouth is right there, the obvious and far easier way to eat. And it’s silly to think you have an ‘issue’ or you’re missing out on something if you only eat with your mouth, right? Clits are mouths. Vaginas are nostrils.” 

More on clit orgasms and a bevy of other ways to get off, below: 

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Clitoral orgasms

If you’ve never gotten off before, it’s time to discover the power of clitoral stimulation—after all, the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. According to sexologist and relationship expert Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., most women report that they require some clitoral stimulation in order to climax.  

“Some women experience clitoral orgasms during intercourse, but many positions don’t provide enough friction or stroking to take her over the edge,” she says. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for this—a few, really. By engaging in oral, fingering, or vibe play, you’ll be able to achieve penetration and a clit orgasm (aka a blended orgasm, or a combination of two different types of O). 

“Rubbing, stroking, or stimulating the clitoris with a tongue or toy is the most reliable way to bring a vagina-haver to orgasm,” Deysach adds. 

Nipple orgasms

These are some of the most elusive orgasms out there. While nipple orgasms are quite rare, O’Reilly points out that nipple stimulation can lead to climax for some folks. “Researchers at Rutgers University used MRI technology to gain a better understanding of this experience and uncovered some interesting brain activity via nipple stimulation,” she explains. “The genital sensory cortex, which is the same region impacted by stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, is activated through nipple play. Scientists hypothesize that these shared neurons release oxytocin, which induces pleasure, relaxation, and spikes to peak levels just before orgasm.” 

Squirting orgasms

Perhaps you’ve seen squirting orgasms in porn—or perhaps you’ve experienced them yourself. To clear up any confusion, Caitlin V. explains that squirting occurs when the urethral sponge is stimulated in such a way that it releases fluid (not pee) out of the urethra. She notes that automatically assuming that squirting means climaxing is misleading. “A G-spot orgasm is created by stimulating the same area of the body but may or may not include squirting,” she says. 

Anal orgasms

These back-door Os are often thought to be only experienced by men; however, thanks to loads of nerve endings in the area, some women can experience immense pleasure from the stimulation of the region as well.

Forced orgasms

These sound scary—and in some cases they can be. However, Deysach explains that, from a non-sexual-assault perspective, forced orgasms are a BDSM practice where the submissive is “forced” to have an orgasm from direct stimulation or from wearing a device (like Katherine Heigl’s character in The Ugly Truth). “It is important to note that healthy BDSM play is done with much discussion and consent, so while the orgasm is considered ‘forced,’ it is something that the sub would have agreed to beforehand,” she says, noting that actually forcing someone to orgasm when they do not want to is sexual assault

Full-body orgasms

When you combine multiple different types of orgasms, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll feel a full-body rush. So if you’ve ever heard your friends chatting about full-body Os, know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that every inch of their body is climaxing but rather that multiple places are at once. A screaming orgasm is likely part of the process.  

A Sex Toy for Every O 

After reading through all the different types of orgasms a vulva- and clit-owner can have, you might be curious to attempt them yourself (if you haven’t already experienced them, that is). If that’s the case—or if you’re simply looking for new ways to play—ahead you’ll find sex toys geared toward the most popular types of orgasms. As for full-body Os and forced orgasms, you can get creative by using a combination of these toys with pre-agreed consent.  

G-Spot orgasm: CalExotics Shameless Seducer, $250, 

Since G-spot orgasms are a combination of penetration and inner clitoral stimulation, this curved, rabbit-esque vibe is a great choice. Where the base of the vibrator curves toward the front pelvic wall, the smaller outer piece curves toward your clit, ensuring that you’re pleasured from all angles. And with 850 thrusts per minute, you’re bound to reach new heights. 

Cervical orgasm: Le Wand Contour Stainless Steel Wand, $225, 

The deeper the penetration, the more likely the cervical orgasm. This stainless steel wand not only delivers depth but girth, too, promising a pleasurable sensation unlike any other. Fun fact: Thanks to its metal form, you can heat it up or cool it down for temperature play, too.  

Clitoral orgasm: Womanizer Premium, $199, 

This quiet suction-based sex toy mimics the feel of oral with 12 intensity levels and a super-soft feel. What’s more, unlike some other sex toys, this one is especially great for anyone who’s a bit timid when it comes to masturbation, as all you have to do is place it on your clit and it does the rest of the work for you.  

Nipple orgasm: Lovehoney Colorplay Color-Changing Silicone Nipple Suckers, $15, 

Elusive as they may be, it never hurts to try to achieve a nipple O. To practice the process by yourself (or to play with your partner), try using these best-selling, color-changing silicone nipple suckers. 

Anal orgasm: b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads, $140, 

Blending anal beads and plugs in one, this silicone vibe is unmatched for anyone hoping to adventure through the back door. Thanks to the remote-control design of this device, it could be used not only for anal orgasming but for forced BDSM climax as well. Just be sure to give your partner permission if that’s the route you choose to take.  

A Final Word 

While it can be fun to experiment and seek out pleasure from lots of different parts of our bodies, Deysach says that it’s important to not get too hung up on how many types of orgasms you can check off your list. “Some women feel shame or bad about themselves for not having certain types of orgasms (there is a long history of shaming women who don’t achieve orgasm for vaginal penetration alone), but everyone should celebrate the kinds of orgasms that they can have without becoming overly concerned about the types that they cannot have.”

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