11 yoga classes to try this summer if you’re tired of vinyasa flow

One of the best forms of exercise during the summertime is yoga. The hot weather complements the practice, and International Yoga Day occurs right around the Summer Solstice. But if your regular yoga practice feels a little stagnant in this heat, then you may want to try a different kind of yoga class. Because even though vinyasa flow is popular for a reason, you might be itching to change things up a bit this summer.

Besides practices like Ashtanga and Hatha, you also have practices that integrate a less traditional element. These types of classes may be trendy, but they will give you a more unique practice if you’re really looking to shake things up.

Where you live will determine what types of yoga classes are available to you, of course. And outdoor practices will depend on the climate. But this list of alternative yoga classes will hopefully inspire you to try out a new yoga practice this summer. And no matter what the season is or what type of class you choose to go for, take comfort in knowing that yoga is always a welcoming practice. So focus on your breath and dive into one of these different kinds of yoga classes.

1Hot yoga

Even though it’s hot outside, you might want to embrace the heat even more in a hot yoga class. Some hot yoga classes are vinyasa, but you can find different types of yoga that take place in heated rooms. And they’ll leave you sweatier than you’ve ever been before.

2Beach yoga

If a hot room isn’t doing it for you and you want to feel the actual sun on your face, find a beach-side yoga class. While beach yoga might be something you only think about when you’re on vacation, it can become part of your regular practice if you live by water. And see how the sand and the sound of the ocean waves change your practice.

3Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga

Although it may look daunting, SUP yoga is pretty ideal for the summertime. “It takes you out of your comfort zone, allows you to unite with nature, gets you on the water, and really challenges your core,” celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher Kristin McGee told HelloGiggles.

4Partner yoga

McGee also recommended trying partner yoga as another fun option. “Summer is a time to have fun and connect with friends. Meet at a park even and play around on the grass,” McGee said.



If you want to take your partner yoga up a level, you could try acroyoga. As the name hints, it combines yoga and acrobatics. But as AcroYoga International notes, acroyoga also has a major focus on teamwork and can help build your confidence.

6Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga will certainly provide you with the opportunity to capture some gorgeous photos that you can post on social media, but there are additional benefits to this trend. An American Council of Exercise study found that even though aerial yoga doesn’t include a traditional cardio workout, it will lead to improved cardiorespiratory fitness. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re soaring in the aerial silks.

7Yin yoga

If you want a more grounded approach, turn to the passive practice of yin yoga. You sit in positions for three to five minutes, sometimes up to 20 minutes, which can be mentally challenging but allows you to achieve a deeper stretch and a meditative-like state.

8Ball yoga

Try a class that uses a stability ball for a yoga practice that’s full of toning and bouncy fun. Using an exercise ball can also be a bit more gentle on the body.

9Color yoga

There are a few ways to try out yoga that’s inspired by color. For instance, the Michigan-based Sangha Experience hosts a Flow in Color event for Holi. The Hindu color festival doesn’t actually take place in the summer, but if you like the idea of color therapy, you might be able to find another yoga class that integrates color for a healing effect.

10Dance yoga

Want to move and groove? Try a yoga class that incorporates dance. Options include hip-hop yoga or the AfroBeats yoga shown above. No matter what focus you choose, dance yoga will integrate music and movement in a creative way.

11Animal yoga

The farm-friendly practice of goat yoga has become increasingly popular. But even if adorable goats aren’t your thing, there’s also cat yoga and dog yoga, otherwise known as doga, so you can find the animal-based yoga class of your dreams.

As the weather stays hot and humid, try one of these fresh yoga practices this summer. Just make sure to drink plenty of water.

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