Apparently, there’s a difference between an orgasm and a climax

If asked to give a synonym for the word “orgasm,” you might suggest “climax” as an appropriate swap. But actually, there’s a difference between an orgasm and a climax — who knew? Sex educator Lucia Paxton knows, and she’s educating others on the difference through her class via O.School.

Bustle’s Suzannah Weiss signed up for Paxton’s virtual O.School live-streamed class called “A Woman’s Orgasm: More than Meets the Eye.” Paxton explained to her students that a climax occurs when one experiences a few seconds of pelvic floor muscle contractions. And an orgasm happens when your body reaches the relaxed state right before climax. You can stay in the orgasmic state for as long as you want (if you know how).

Paxton taught Weiss and her classmates how to achieve “non-climax orgasm,” and how it works.

Clitoral stimulation is key to non-climax orgasm. Paxton explained that orgasmic meditation and extended orgasm can help you reach the sensation. Orgasmic meditation is the process of “stroking the upper left quadrant of the clitoris for 13 minutes,” as Weiss explains. Extended orgasm is the same process — but untimed.

Let your body relax while engaging in both methods. Let yourself melt into the pleasure and allow it to spread throughout your body. Paxton explained that orgasm is “less goal-oriented” than climax. You shouldn’t focus on getting to the peak, but instead focus on enjoying the journey of the orgasm.

To really get into the orgasmic experience, treat yourself or your significant other to a romantic environment. Candles, scents, and gentle touch can heighten the senses and make for a greater feeling of pleasure.

Paxton noted that everyone can experience a great orgasm, though it might take some practice to figure out what you enjoy most. But if you slow down and work on it, Paxton guarantees that you’ll feel the results.

Remember — climax is a mountain and orgasm is a dome, Paxton said. When you reach climax, you peak and fizzle. But you can explore the high areas of an orgasm before slowly working your way back down. With this knowledge, go forth and indulge in better orgasmic experiences. Spread the wealth and teach others, because everyone deserves to know the difference between a climax and an orgasm.

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