Diego Luna is oddly obsessed with Jabba the Hutt and this is a little weird

Listen, we have a lot (A LOT) of love for Diego Luna, aka Cassian Andor from Rogue One, but this is one aspect of his person we can’t get behind (yes, that was a double entendre; no, we will not take it back). The internet has recently realized that Diego is a little…obsessed with Jabba the Hutt? At first we were kind of like “okay, this is funny” but then as the clips compiled and he kept talking about the texture of Jabba so passionately, we were like “um, this is a little odd” and then we got to Diego expressing her desire to french kiss Jabba the Hutt and we were like, “oh.”

Seriously, Diego, we love you but…w h a t?


You know how when you can’t stop thinking about something that you just make every conversation about it so you can talk about it? It’s usually something embarrassing, like how you have a crush on a friend, and you just keep bringing him up with other friends even though you know you shouldn’t? We imagine that’s kind of the internal struggle Diego Luna is having in these interviews.

At the very least, Diego doesn’t have to worry about having competition for his Star Wars lover. That’s a whole long line of one, buddy. He’s all yours.

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