You’re now more likely to die by selfie than by shark attack

Having a fear of sharks is super common. Of course, the chances of that actually happening are really low. In fact, the chances of getting attacked to death by a shark are lower than the chances of dying while take a selfie.

Sounds like not a real fact, right? But it is.

The chances of dying while taking a selfie are still pretty low. But selfies have become way more than just a simple self-taken picture. They’re now being taken by people doing risky things, which will usually make for a more exciting Instas and Snaps, but the results can be deadly.

A new study reveals that selfie deaths aren’t just on the rise, they’re at an all time high.

In 2016 alone, twelve people have died from taking a selfie (while eight people have died by shark attack). Obviously death is terrible and awful no matter how it happens, but it certainly seems like selfie deaths are easily preventable — by just not taking risky selfies.

Like this gal:

And this guy: