Didn’t know we’d love baby bats so much, but hey

Close your eyes and picture the most adorable baby animal you can imagine. Betcha it wasn’t a bat. Well, think again, because the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre and the Tolga Bat Hospital (also in Australia) are taking in orphaned baby bats, and these little sweethearts might be the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

These baby bats are taken in because they’ve lost their mamas, and grown up bats are taken in if they suffer from some kind of bat disease (like mites). P.S. why does Australia routinely have the most adorably heart-stopping animal care? Remember those koala bears with the mittens?

But, back to the bats.

The baby bats are called “pups,” and their super-cute burrito blankets aren’t just a fashion statement. (Although if they were, we’d give them an A-plus.) A baby bat needs the warm snuggle of its mother’s wings — awww! — so when a baby is orphaned, it can be in trouble! Thus, these little guys get wrapped up snug and tight in cozy blankets.

These two have taken baby bat burrito fashion to a whole new level. Love those polkadots!

In addition to being all swaddled up, the baby bats are bottle fed and given lots of TLC.

Is that a bat with a pacifier in it’s mouth? Why yes. Yes, it is.

Ok but wait why is this all happening in Australia? Because the country has over 100 bat species. Can they all be this adorable?

Here are few more photos of the orphaned bats. Just because. Brace yourself!

So sleepy.

Those eyes, though.

Baby bats love their besties.

Burritos are great and all, but everyone still loves a hug.

Stop. Just stop. We can’t with the adorableness!

I don’t think I’ll ever think about Dracula the same way again — and I have a serious newfound appreciation for baby bats.

If you want to help out the baby bats, here’s some more information.

[All images via Bored Panda.]