We didn’t know how great it would be if you swapped Scully and Mulder’s faces

Alright, X-philes. I know you’re probably still internally screaming about that X-Files Revival finale, but we’ve got something that might lift your spirits a bit. No, it’s not news about a potential continuation to the X-Files Revival (though we are certainly keeping our fingers crossed and ears open for any info of the sort). It’s something different, something that’s got fans of Scully and Mulder and any true, hardcore X-Phile giggling. Let me present to you all this Photoshopped masterpiece that once seen, cannot be unseen:

Yeah, that’s right. Imgur user Darmokat Tanagra (who’s also responsible for this entertaining X-Files-related post of Scully’s reactions to Mulder’s brand of incessant conspiracy-lined banter) has done the unthinkable. He’s transformed Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny into the world’s greatest synth-pop duo (tentatively named Post-Modern Prometheus; other suggestions made by Imgur commenters include Depeche Mulder and Scully and Muldy).

And this was easily accomplished by simply swapping their faces, resulting in Ms. Anderson looking fiercely masculine and Mr. Duchovney resembling an art-school version of Breckin Meyer. Since it was posted two days ago, the photo already has over 386,000 views —probably because it’s one of the greatest things to ever happen to the Internet.

The image has now made the rounds of the Internet and has even garnered attention from high-profile, X-Files related folks as Moby (whose music was used in)…

And has even inspired others to create their own mesmerizing creations:

So what do you all think of this? Is it making you forget all about that intense cliffhanger yet? It helped us for a few minutes, at least.