Diary of a Binge Watcher: ‘Orange is the New Black’

Hi, I’m Rosie, and I am a MAJOR binge TV watcher.

By this time, if you are a Hello Giggles reader and haven’t binge watched Orange is the New Black, there are very few reasons… a few being: you are actually in prison and living OITNB, you don’t have Netflix (really though?) or you are truly the most stubborn person in existence. It’s a true mystery to me why most of my friends are not aware of the genius that is Orange is the New Black. When I ask them if they’ve seen it, they reply, “Is that the lesbian show?” Eye rolls ensue.

As a die-hard Weeds fan, when I heard Jenji Kohan had a new show on Netflix, I was already in. Knowing little about the basic plot besides “woman in prison”, I was hooked after the first episode! My BFF was recovering from surgery, so therefore, what else were we supposed to do besides binge watch the first season in four days? We were totally immersed in the Litchfield Prison world. I was more that okay to start it right from the beginning as soon as we finished… alas, she had to start Mad Men from season one and I had to move on to the next show on my legal pad list.

OITNB does host a plethora of familiar faces, but it’s ALL about that new faces. Ladies and Gents, this cast is KILLER! All coming from the unknowns. If you haven’t watched yet and need some convincing, here are my 4 points of why you NEED to tune in. this isn’t a “should” situation, it’s a “need” situation.

1. Taylor Schilling’s Facial Expressions

Miss Taylor Schilling: you may remember her from the short-lived NBC medical drama Mercy, or as the girl you wanted to strangle out of pure jealousy for all those romance scenes with Zac Efron in The Lucky One. She is pretty; no doubt that she is a nice lookin’ lady. But what you wouldn’t expect is that staggering array of incredible facial expressions she has in her arsenal. Just the look on her face, the furrow or her brow or the curl of her lip can make a scene in OITNB, no lines necessary to get a point across.

2. Jason Biggs In A New Light

Yes, you may think, “Jason Biggs, American Pie, I’ve seen what I need to see of him. I know what he can do.” But oh oh, you’re sorely mistaken. As Schilling’s understanding fiancée, Biggs is kind of a dreamboat! Who would have thunk it: Jason Biggs, still looking like Jason Biggs, as the ideal boyfriend/fiancée.

3. The New Faces

Don’t get me wrong, the familiar faces in OITNB are phenomenal, but the unknowns! The unknowns blow it out of the park. Michelle Hurst, Kate Mulgrew (not-so-unknown, but underappreciated), Dascha Polanco, Pablo Schreiber Samira Wiley, Matt McGorry, Yael Stone, Uzo Aduba, Constance Shulman, Emma Myles, Laverne Cox, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Madeline Brewer and the AMAZING Danielle Brooks as Taystee. Get these ladies and gents on your radar, because they are going places.

4. Tears Will Flow

You will cry! Things get emotional in Litchfield Prison!! The backstories of the inmates are what really get you. Don’t let that turn you off! Of course Jenji Kohan’s humorous bite is ever so present.


Seasons: 1… so far!
Episodes per season: 13
Years: 2013-
Familiar Faces: Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs, Taryn Manning, Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon
How to watch: Netflix
How long it took me: 4 days

Photos Courtesy of ShutterStock and Huffington Post

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