Diane Lane and Paul Rudd recreated that famous scene from “Titanic”

Did you know Paul Rudd auditioned for Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in Titanic? While Leo did an amazing job, we’re kind of sad we missed out on the chance to see a young Paul Rudd as Jack. Luckily, last night, we got a taste of what it could have been like when Paul visited The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Paul was joined on the couch by Diane Lane, and together they talked about the roles that almost had in their early acting days. However, James Corden wasn’t content just talking about it. He wanted to give the actors the next best thing, so he pulled them up from the couch and had them recreate that famous Titanic scene right there, right then in the studio.

We have to admit that Paul and Diane looked pretty good as Leo and Kate, and with the help of some special effects provided by James, their rendition of the scene was just as moving as the real deal.