Diane Kruger bet that her film wouldn’t get into Cannes, and now she has to get a tattoo

Apparently, everyone lets self doubt get the best of them sometimes, even the best actors in the business. Case in point? Diane Kruger, who made a bet her film wouldn’t get into Cannes and promised to get a tattoo if she lost. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if she wanted the tattoo), Kruger’s movie In the Fade not only made it to the festival, but also earned Kruger the coveted Best Actress award. So now she has to get a tattoo. Ouch.

Kruger made the bet with In the Fade director Fatih Akin, pledging to get a tiny tattoo if the German-language film didn’t make the cut. The joke’s on Kruger, since Akin has already picked out the tattoo parlor where she can get it done. “It’s not far from where I live (in Hamburg). They’re good!” the director told The Hollywood Reporter.

So what kind of tattoo will Diane Kruger get?

An anchor, which might not seem like Kruger’s style, but she can make it work. In In the Fade, she plays a tough mom named Katja who plots revenge after her family, including her Kurdish husband, is murdered in a neo-Nazi terrorist attack. That character needs a badass anchor tattoo.

There’s no word yet if Kruger’s going to make good on the bet, but she seems like a woman who keeps her word. Now all she has to do is figure out where the traditional anchor tattoo will go. There are so many choices, right?

At Cannes, Kruger happily accepted her award for the timely and moving drama. Her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, even sent his love on Instagram, congratulating her for her hard work and great performance. “Yes she Cannes. Having witnessed the integrity and dedication that you bring to every job, I’m over the moon to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Only question is what took ’em so long! CONGRATULATIONS!,” Jackson, who dated Kruger for 10 years, wrote on the social network.

For now, we just have to trust the judges and wait until the film goes into wide release to see Kruger in action. By then, she might even have her anchor tattoo.

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