This Mother’s Day ad for “Finding Dory” has us desperate for more of Diane Keaton as Dory’s mom

Along with the rest of the world, we’re pretty excited about the upcoming Finding Dory, which is coming to theaters next month. We’re also excited that it’s Mother’s Day today, and that the most adorable Mother’s Day message comes from two of the Finding Dory stars — Ellen DeGeneres and Diane Keaton. Of course we know that Ellen plays the insanely lovable Dory, but Diane plays a whole new character! In what appears to be perfect casting, she voices Dory’s mom Jenny in the movie.

In this new spot, Ellen enthusiastically wishes everyone a “Happy Daughter’s Day!” Naturally, the words proudly leave her lips as she smiles from ear to ear. Ellen is then corrected by her on-screen mom in a tactful yet sweet motherly way, that it’s Mother’s Day. These two are so cute just standing next to each other, but this special interaction has us desperate for more of Diane’s parenting style to come alive in Finding Dory. 

Lucky for us, Diane Keaton has a big role in the film, as we know from the trailer that Dory begins an adventure to find her long-lost parents. So with the addition of Eugene Levy (you know, Jason Biggs’ dad in American Pie) playing Dory’s father Charlie, we anticipate that things are going to get a wee bit hysterical. And emotional. Basically, if Finding Nemo was anything to go by, the sequel will tug on our heartstrings while inducing massive belly laughs. The best of all the worlds, in other words.

Finding Dory will hit theaters on June 17th, which is simply way too far away for our taste. We cannot wait to take another dive with the whole gang, their new friends, and Dory’s long-lost family into the big blue.

Watch the entire Mother’s Day spot with Diane Keaton here, and prepare to feel things:

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