“Orange is the New Black”‘s Diane Guerrero is working on a Smithsonian American Latino Museum, and we can’t wait to go

Our favorite Orange is the New Black star and activist Diane Guerrero wants an American Latino Museum, and is taking the necessary measures to make sure we get one soon. The actress partnered with a bipartisan group of politicians to discuss their backing of a bill to have a Smithsonian museum placed on the National Mall.

Just like the National Museum of African American History and Culture, it’s going to take quite some time for an actual museum to find its place on the National Mall. For one, obtaining funding for the project is super important. The bill Diane has backed will hopefully make this task a little easier. It will put in place a board of trustees to assign how public funding and private donations are used.

The proud Latina talked about her involvement in the proposing of the Smithsonian American Latino Museum on Instagram. And according to Diane, her first day on the job was a total success. Together, the supporters were able to take another positive step towards creating a safe space to indulge in the expansive history of Latinos in America. And that’s something we can rally behind.

We all know that Diane is a boss, so getting a Smithsonian American Latino Museum off the ground is so fitting for her.



Oh, and can we talk about how regal the actress looks standing next to all of those politicians? Her patriotic getup is speaking to us.

"Latinos and Latinas have contributed to every aspect of the history of the United States," Diane  told the Hill.  "We're really angry. Where's the Latino museum? Where's our history? Where can we go with our friends, with our family, to learn about our history?"

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any new developments in regards to this project. And, of course, we can’t wait to pay this amazing place a visit once complete.