Diana Ross’s Kids Are The Coolest

Diana Ross is legendary, but you already know that. Did you know that her five children are equally as talented and incredible in their own unique way? And not only talented, but down to earth, funny, caring, loving, smart, successful and genuinely nice people? I’ll explain why (in order of appearance on Earth).

Rhonda Ross

Rhonda runs her own real estate company in Harlem, is a singer/songwriter, actress and mom to 3-year-old Raif, who is fluent in four languages. FOUR LANGUAGES! Most 3-year-olds have a hard time speaking one language. Some adults do, too. Raif will probably run the world in 23 years, and I’m pretty comfortable with that.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Besides being a successful and super talented host and actress (check out Girlfriends on Netflix if you like laughing), Tracee is well-spoken, smart, hilarious, goofy, sincere and has a new amazing hair-do almost every day. She has a website that focuses on inspiring women (and men) to love every part of who they are. She’s real, she’s empowering and she can do a mean running man on the dance floor (or on any floor, probably).

Chudney Ross

Chudney owns and operates an adorable store for children in Santa Monica called Books and Cookies. It’s a coffee shop hangout place for kids. How fun is that? They sell children’s books and toys, and they have a cafe that sells fresh mouth-watering cookies (my mouth waters in the presence of any cookie, but these are especially delicious), food, healthy snacks and drinks. There’s a fun play area for the kids and a room for activities like baby fitness classes, arts and crafts, cookie decorating and story time (usually read by Chudney). If you don’t have kids yet (or ever), it’s a great place to buy gifts for your friends’ kids (if you like them). She’s also a published author of a book for eight to 12-year-olds called “Lone Bean”. And if that isn’t enough (I’m tired just typing all of this), Chudney is mom to her one and a half year old daughter, Callaway (arguably the cutest one and a half year old in the whole world).

Ross Naess

You know how Hollywood clubs are pretty douchey and just not great in general (unless you’re into that sort of thing… in which case, J/K)? Well, Ross is part owner and operator of the non-douchey Hollywood club/lounge, Warwick. It’s a hot spot, but a cool hot spot with really good drinks and great music. And the servers wear suspenders, so that’s hip and fun. Along with owning a club, he’s also a really great photographer. And along with both of those things, he’s a father to three dogs, two turtles, two giant tortoises and two equally as giant lizards. Which makes him an all around pretty great guy.

Evan Ross

Evan is Diana’s youngest, and has already accomplished a lot. He’s a recording artist (he opened for his mom at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, something we’ve all totally done) and an actor. He has been working as an actor for years, and was recently cast as Messalla in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – parts one and two. No big deal (it’s a big deal). And he just asked Ashlee Simpson to marry him, and she said yes. So, I guess he’s doing alright for himself.

Now you know how cool Diana Ross’s kids are, just in case you didn’t already. The best part is that they’re all super close and are each other’s biggest fans. I’m pretty happy with my own family, but if I was forced to choose another family to be a part of, it would be the Ross family.

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