A man dialed the wrong FaceTime number, the stranger answered and now they’re friends because people are awesome

Well this is certainly an unconventional start to a friendship.

Last Sunday, Rell Hill went to FaceTime someone he knew. He accidentally dialed the wrong number, but rather than the person not picking up or picking up and simply explaining that the number is wrong, he made a new friend. A complete stranger picked up the FaceTime call and the two of them hit it off.

Hill posted about the interaction on his page afterwards, admitted that they had at first just hung up. But when Hill’s phone called him back, they enjoyed talking so much that they actually became friends.

He wrote, "G so the other day I thought I was callin my homie but I guess it was the wrong number 😂😂 this lil white Boi picked up talking bout how you get my number 😂 so I hung up and called back thought my phone was tweakin he picked up again lmao but he was cool Asl tho him and his homie."

They chatted for a while and decided to keep in touch, with Hill having his new friend eventually connect with him on other social media.

People got suck a kick out of the unlikely pair that the story is blowing up online. Hill told The Huffington Post that he had a really positive first impression of his new friend.

He said, "He was just happy but like weird at the same time."

Sounds like a delightful person to accidentally run into. The two were clearly cracking each other up on the screenshots that Hill took during their conversation.

So remember the old saying, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t accidentally dialed on FaceTimed yet.

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