The writer of “Juno” got a comedy pilot ordered, and we think it sounds hilarious

Diablo Cody is one of those writers with a voice. When we watch one of her movies or television shows, we feel her pulling the strings behind it. So we’re jumping for joy that Diablo Cody has a new comedy pilot coming to ABC. Honest to blog, it’s been close to ten years since Juno made its mark on the mind of America. We’ve inhaled other Cody-created outputs such as Young Adult and The United States of Tara. But this newest offering has us very, very excited.

Here’s what we know about Raised by Wolves, the newest project from Diablo Cody

1. According to Deadline, Raised By Wolves “centers on Sheila Gable, one tough mother struggling to support her five opinionated, eccentric kids on a shoestring budget in a Midwestern town.”

2. Raised by Wolves is based on a British television show of the same name! The original was created by popular feminist British author Caitlin Moran and her sister Caroline. It’s said to be based on their childhood.

3. Many people are comparing Raised by Wolves to a classic: Roseanne.  The new show is part of ABC’s push for series that reflect “everyday Americans.”

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