Devon Sawa just pointed out he’s weirdly connected to not one, but TWO, Urban Dictionary words

Any true child of the ’90s will have an undeniable affinity for Devon Sawa. He graced our screens in oh so many of our childhood favorites. We’re talkin’ Little Giants, Now and Then, Wild America — to name just a sweet, sweet few. So our minds were officially blown today, May 10th, when Sawa pointed out that not one, but two, of his iconic roles have transcended into everyday modern phrases. Specifically, “Stanning” and “Caspering.”

As many people of the internet will surely know, “to stan” is to strongly obsess over something or someone. For example, “I stan Tina Fey so hard” might be a phrase you hear around the HelloGiggles office at least several times a week. And as reminds us, the phrase originates from the Eminem song “Stan,” about a maniacal fan who’s dangerously obsessed with the rapper. And who played Stan in the iconic 2000 music video? That’s right. Devon Sawa.

“Caspering,” however, may be slightly less well known (though it’s every bit as real). Caspering — as opposed to ghosting — is about encouraging people to be kinder and more courteous to potential love interests we no longer wish to see. Instead of ignoring their texts for the rest of our lives (and feeling a twinge of guilt every time), actually let them know you don’t feel a connection, while wishing them all the best in the future. Because remember, Casper may be a ghost, but he’s a friendly ghost.

And who played Casper in the 1995 classic? Yep. Devon Sawa.

See? Minds: Blown. And if you need a refresher, Sawa’s character in Little Giants was named Junior Floyd. Get it?

Thank you, Mr. Sawa, for this mid-week revelation.

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