We have some devastating news about “Pitch Perfect 3”

While we’re super excited about the release of Pitch Perfect 3 next December, we’ve recently learned some pretty bummer news. It seems that the treblemakers will not be appearing in the third Pitch Perfect film at all. Skylar Astin confirmed on Twitter yesterday that the trebles won’t be around anymore, as the story was going in a different direction. Aca-excuse me?

Not gonna, lie, we’re kind of disappointed in this news, as the treblemakers were a really fun match for the Barden Bellas. But this revelation means we have so many questions about the third film!

Check out Astin’s tweet below:

We have just about a year before the third film comes out, but there is so much we want to know. Without Astin in the film, does this mean Jesse and Beca have broken up? What about Benji and Emily? Is anyone still at Barden University? 

Despite the absence of Astin, Ben Platt, and the rest of the trebles, most of our favorite Bellas, including Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Rebel Wilson, will be returning to the franchise.


While we may be sad to see Jesse and Benji move on from the trebles, we always have Instagram reunions. Astin recently visited Platt on his broadway show Dear Evan Hansen and posted the most adorable Instagram to commemorate the experience.

They may not be coming back to  Pitch Perfect 3, but they’ll definitely not be forgotten. Maybe they’ll even get a name drop. Regardless, we’ll always have Pitch Perfect.