The iOS 10 update: Everything you need to know

There’s been a lot of buzz about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which don’t even come out until the end of the week. But iOS 10 is available RIGHT NOW and apparently it’s a bit of a game changer. Forbes told us everything we could want or need to know about the new Apple OS, and frankly, it sounds pretty dreamy.

First of all, Apple Music has been redesigned and rejiggered to be more competitive with Spotify.

Also, if you type a word like ‘tacos’ which has a corresponding emoji, your iPhone will automatically suggest that you replace it with the emoji! AND emojis will now appear bigger in your texts. [praise hands]


The swipe-up control center has been redesigned, too!

The photo app has been redesigned too, and it looks preeeeetty slick.


The iCloud Photo Library will now show you ALL photos from all devices, and put them on a map corresponding to where you took them. It’ll also have a “People” section using facial recognition to sort both people AND scene recognition to place your pictures. The library will then be organized into photo and video collages called “memories,” so your photos can also be grouped into sections like “On the mountain” or “On the water.”

Sounds suuuuper convenient and looks super aesthetically pleasing, so we’re definitely in!


Maps will now support third party apps, so you don’t have to leave the app to order an uber, for example.

The part of the upgrade we’re most pumped about are the updates to the messaging system!


And you’ll be able to change font sizes.


Lastly, we’re really stoked about the full screen effects you’ll apparently be able to send, like FIREWORKS.


Among many other cool additions, the new iOS will personalize your news based on your interests, transcribe your voicemails, and provide additional functionality for the 3D touch function (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t do much at the moment.) Both Siri and Quick Type suggestions have also gotten smarter.


We’re definitely going to download the new iOS soon as we can, and can’t wait to play with all these cool new tools. Plus, the messaging updates are giving us major AIM nostalgia, and it’s baaaasically the best thing ever.